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Solar Spectrum Reflectometer SSR version 6

The Solar Spectrum Reflectometer, Model SSR-ER version 6 features accurate solar reflectance measurements for a variety of global and beam normal irradiance models including SSR version 5 air mass selections for full backward compatibility. Each instrument is spectrally calibrated to best match solar reflectance values based on spectrophotometer readings. A low cost upgrade is available for existing version 5 instruments.

Portable Specular Reflectometer 15R-USB

The D&S Portable Specular Reflectometer Model 15R is designed for field and laboratory measurements of flat and curved specular reflectors. The updated model features storage and uploading of reflectance data sets and firmware upgrade capability over a USB port. Additional updates to the instrument include a quick connect standard and a port window to seal against dust. Previous model 15R reflectometers are fully upgradeable to the current version.

Emissometer with Scaling Digital Voltmeter AE1 RD1

The D&S Emissometer Model AE1 is a special purpose instrument for measuring thermal emittance with the sample at ambient temperature. For installed surfaces, emittance can be measured in place.

Multiple Wavelength Portable Specular Reflectometer 15R-RGB

The D&S Multiple Wavelength Portable Specular Reflectometer Model 15R-RGB adds the capability to measure reflectance in five broad wavelength bands from blue to near IR using a white LED source and selectable filters. In the standard configuration, a filter wheel selects a detector response curve; red, green, blue, white or IR. Also selectable are five full acceptance angles of 4.6, 7, 15, 25 and 46 mrad.


Last modified: 09.29.22