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Multiple Wavelength Portable Specular Reflectometer, Model 15R-RGB

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The Multiple Wavelength Portable Specular Reflectometer Model 15R-RGB builds on the functionality of the model 15R-USB. It is a portable reflectometer designed for measurements of highly specular flat or curved mirrors for solar power applications. The 15R-RGB is powered by internal rechargeable Nicad batteries that operate for over 15 hours on a charge. An operator can easily take reflectance readings at the rate of 2 to 6 per minute and record the readings to data sets stored in the instrument. A USB port is provided for maintaining and downloading data sets and upgrading the firmware.

The model 15R-RGB adds the capability to measure reflectance in five broad wavelength bands from blue to near IR using a white LED source and selectable filters. In the standard configuration, a filter wheel selects one of detector response curves; red, green, blue, white or IR. Also selectable are five full angle acceptance angles of 4.6, 7, 15, 25 and 46 mrad. These features make the Model 15R-RGB ideal for characterization and monitoring of quality control in the manufacture and maintenance of solar mirrors and thermal control surfaces.

Key Features

bullet USB: A USB port is provided for maintaining and downloading data sets and upgrading the firmware.
bullet LIGHT SOURCE: High intensity white light emitting diode (400-800 nm). This source is chopped at 90 Hz, eliminating stray light problems.
bullet OPTICS: The LED source is mounted behind a small aperture which provides a near point source. This is collimated into a beam by a converging lens. An identical lens focuses the reflected beam into the collection aperture.
bullet FILTER SELECTION: Broad band red, green, blue and IR filters selected via a filter wheel. One additional filter position is unfiltered for measurement over the full spectrum of the white LED.
bullet APERTURE SELECTION: Five apertures providing 4.6, 7, 15, 25 and 46 milliradian full acceptance angles.
bullet ALIGNMENT SYSTEM: Three threaded supports provide for adjustment to bring the reflected beam into alignment with the receiving optics and to compensate for different thicknesses of second surface reflectors.
bullet CALIBRATION STANDARD: A working standard is mounted in a protective housing that couples into the base of the instrument.
bullet RESOLUTION: A 3 digit LCD display indicates reflectance directly to 0.1%. A gain adjust knob allows the user to calibrate the instrument with the working standard.
bullet REPEATABILITY: +/- 0.002 reflectance units.
bullet OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 32 to 122 F (0 to 50 C).

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