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AE1 Tech Notes

Number  Title

TN 78-2         Emissometer Model AE

TN 79-17       Emissivity Measurements for In-Place Surfaces and for Materials with Low Thermal Conductivity

TN 81-1         Use of Emissometer for Semi-Transparent Materials

TN 81-2         Measurement of Emittance of Cylindrical Surfaces

TN 84-2         Emissometer Adapter Model AE-AD1

TN 84-3         Measuring Low Emittance Materials with the Emissometer Model AE

TN 85-1         Secondary Standards for the Emissometer Model AE

TN 92-1         Emissometer Model AE - Hemispherical vs. Normal Emittance

TN 04-1         Slide Method for AE Measurements

TN 10-2         Slide Method for High Emittance Materials with Low Thermal Conductivity

TN 11-2         Model AE1 Emittance Measurements using a Port Adapter, Model AE-ADP

TN 11-3         A Proposed Correction to Emittance Measurements of Profiled Surfaces


Last modified: 10.11.20